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Yacht Social, Sydney’s No. 1 Floating Festival



Drop whatever you are doing people, the time is finally here! The Yacht Social Club is Australia’s number one floating festival, taking place on Saturday 30th January 2021, this is one event that you do not want to miss!! For your chance to win two tickets answer the simple skills based question.

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Australia’s only floating festival, The Yacht Social Club, returns for it’s sixth season on Sydney Harbour. Expect gorgeous yachts, a beautiful crowd and Sydney’s finest local DJs pumping out the best summer tunes to the backdrop of the iconic Sydney Harbour.


01 What is The Yacht Social Club?
The Yacht Social Club is an exclusive series of events where a group of yachts go to a undisclosed location and raft them up for an afternoon of fun in the sun.


02 What date does it take place?
The winner will receive two tickets to attend Yacht Social 30th January 2021


03 Where does it take place?
The raft-up location will take place in Sydney Harbour. Exact location will depend on weather conditions. The decision will be made on the day of the event.


04 Where do the yachts pick-up and drop off?
Pick-up & drop-off: Rose Bay Public Wharf (DJ Boat is Town Place Wharf)


05 What time do the yachts set sail and drop off?
Registration and boarding begins at 10:45am except for the DJ boat which is 11am. Drop off will be at approximately 4:30pm.


06 What is included?
Yacht hire, skipper, deckhand, BBQ, BBQ utensils, esky and of course the raft-up party with DJs, lifeguards, DJs, skipper, deckhands, sound system etc. onboard.


07 Is there a BBQ on board?
The catamarans (yachts) and DJ boat have a BBQ on board. BBQ utensils are provided.


08 What if the weather is poor?
Unfortunately we don’t sell sunshine! The event will only be cancelled in the case of dangerous weather conditions such as gale force winds, which make it unsafe to sail.


09 HELP I’ve lost my ticket!
Get in contact with the team, [email protected]

010 What should I bring?
– Substantial food (enough for a meal) e,g burger & salad. This is essential rule for BYO alcohol to be allowed.
– Inflatables + pump
– Towel
– Sunscreen
– Drinks
– Ice
– there will be an esky onboard but it’s worth bringing an additional one as it won’t fit everyone’s drinks in it.


011 What should I NOT bring?
– Valuables – they could get dropped / lost / wet
– Your friend that doesn’t have a ticket
– Black soled shoes
– Glass


012 What should I NOT do?
– Turn up late for boarding. Once we set sail the only way of getting on
– Get too drunk lol
– Annoy your skipper – he’s the boss

FYI – What about covid-19?
Depending on the situation once the season starts (e.g. community transmission numbers, availability of a vaccine etc.), Yacht Social may look at implementing a few new measures to reduce the risk to customers. These may include the following e.g. temperature check, ensuring everyone on board downloads the COVID Safe app etc.