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How To Enter The Prize

1. Pick the competition you want to enter.

2. Choose how many times you would like to enter the draw.

3. Answer the question (make sure it is the correct answer as you will be charged and not entered into the competition if incorrect.)

4. Review and complete payment.

5. You will then receive your unique raffle no. (only valid if
the pre competition question is answered correct)

How The Winner Is Picked And
When The Draws Go Live

1. Prior to the draw all entrants’ names and individual raffle numbers will be posted on the GoodLuckFriday Facebook page.

2. Once all the tickets are sold, the date and time of the live draw will be announced via the GoodLuckFriday Facebook page and all entrants will also receive an email confirmation 48 hours prior to the draw.

3. During the live stream draw we will use google random number generator to pick the winning number.

Collection And Winner Pictures

1. The lucky winner will be contacted within 48hours to arrange a suitable collection date and time.

2. Winning pictures will be uploaded within 7 days on the GoodLuckFriday Facebook page and website.

How To Enter Watch this Video