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Prizes can be collected in Mascot, Sydney, Australia. Delivery can also be arrangedat the expense of the customer.

Following your payment, you will receive two emails, the first email will contain a copy of your payment receipt and the second emailwill detail your unique entry number. Note: your unique entry number will be a number between the specified range for each draw.

Within 48hours of the draw taking place the winner will be contacted by a company representative to arrange a suitable collection date and time.

The draw cannot be attended in person, you can view the draw live on our social media accounts. All draws will be recorded and uploaded onto our webpage for completetransparency.

Competitions will generally close when the maximum amount of available tickets are sold. Each draw has a minimum reserve reference the quantity of ticket sales, if the reserve is not metthe draw countdown timer will be extended.

Each drawoperates a key feature that will not allow ticket sales to exceed the maximum number of entries displayed. For transparency, all the entrant’s names and unique raffle numbers will be posted via our social media accounts prior to the live broadcast.

The winning number will be selected usingGoogle Random Number Generator, this process will be live streamed for everyone to view. The live footage will also be saved and uploaded to our webpage for those who were notavailable to view the broadcast.

In someinstances, you may be offered the cash equivalent of your prize. It is at your discretion whether you accept the cash equivalent or not.

There is no limit to the number of entries per person.